Next Chapter

Hello, this is your newest weirdo to be intrigued by!

So here is my new blog, enjoy if you can. I am kidding, YOU WILL ENJOY! Sorry for yelling, I’m a little nervous about starting a new blog, after my last one stopped with a post with the title ‘Stopping‘ (go figure). Here I am, trying to claw back some sense of what is real, what is right and what is ‘normal’; oh wait, nothing is normal. (I will address this subject in future post.)

Now for what you will hope (or not hope) to expect to see in this blog, some dark, some light, some day some night:

  • Life updates
  • Likes and interests
  • Book reviews (when I get back into it properly)
  • Film reviews
  • Essays about many different life ‘things’ I have an opinion on
  • Working through memories and life problems
  • My poetry and stories
  • Mental health updates and sharing personal stories.
  • And a whole load of Harry Potter references

I would like to add that I have not created this blog to gain followers, popularity or fame. My true reason, I would say, is to work through the stuff in my head. If anything I say or add to, or any advice I may give helps anyone at all it will be a bonus and so would having followers – despite not necessarily creating a blog for that purpose, it is definitely nice to think that someone somewhere is reading…

A final addition to this strange introduction, is that I have decided that I am only going to use photos I have taken (and if I would ever need to use an image to demonstrate something, I will add that it isn’t mine. If I can find the original creator(s), then credit where credit is due).

I hope you found this somewhat interesting, however on inspection this is a bit of a boring introduction, so I will add a picture of my dog to add a little interest:


Yes, she poses like that all the time!

Kian. J.



One thought on “Next Chapter

  1. Hi! I totally understand what you mean when you say that your blog is mostly for you even if I love to share it. Writing my blog is really therapeutic! I also try to only use pictures that I take (or from my wedding photographer), but I find this to be my biggest challenge with blogging! Good luck with your blog and I can’t wait to read more post from you xx

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