Thus Far Untitled; A Poem

It was loud,
Or was it silent?
I’m not proud,
I’m not violent.
It doesn’t hurt,
But it’s not nice.
You say, “It has no worth”
And I’ll have to pay the price.
It was dark,
But it seemed so bright!
You say it’s a lark,
I clenched my fist tight…
I feel so alone,
Even with your hand in mine,
Cold as bone,
But I said I was ‘fine’!
I’m so cold,
But my head is hot!
I’m not very old,
Too young I am not!
It’s my decision,
To use this noose,
I use exact precision,
So nothing is loose,
It is my choice,
To commit suicide,
I will use my voice,
But there will be no pride.
I seem so excited,
But I feel so down,
I’ll never be united,
Socially, I drown.
I know you care,
I listened to you,
Really, I swear.
You can’t fix me with glue,
Now it’s tough,
I won’t fail,
I’ve had enough,
With perseverance I shall prevail.

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