Identity, Social Justice Warriors and a Need to be Different

If anyone reads this, I would first like to add that some of my opinions expressed may be somewhat controversial. These are my opinions:

The word identity has developed in meaning and variety over the past years; once predominantly about who you are and where you come from has now evolved more upon sexuality and gender identity. People’s personal identity is important to them, no matter what that means. It is important to them, whether it is focused upon their gender, religion, personality or country of origin. Anything that may have been misinterpreted or confused can cause offence. For a lot of groups of  minorities it took a significantly long time for them to gain the respect that they deserve.

Now, I do not wish to come across like a ‘social justice warrior’ as people like to nickname them, I simply believe that this is the way society has evolved and everyone is becoming increasingly easily offended. However, getting something wrong can feel upsetting to a person. This is not either person’s fault, but it is so easy to change. It is an easy solve – correct the person, resolve the issue. There is no reason for a person to go around and spread any sort of hate or extremist views due to miscommunication. People can be who they are, have their own opinion and express it if they wish. It can cause healthy discussions, but it can also cause hate crimes. If you are expressing controversial views, have a mind set that not everyone is going to agree with you. It should not cause any sort of harm towards you, but if it does – it was not your fault.

The more people in the world spreading awareness of different groups of people, the more understanding people will have and therefore less people will feel the need to cause a large amount of upset. If the world had only one type of person, one type of identity there would still be disagreements and arguments. Humans feel a requirement place people in a hierarchy and if there is no hierarchy there is no class, no order. Without different opinions and different ways of thinking there would be no education and governments and societies simply wouldn’t function, despite how derogatory having a class system can be. Where is the proof that communism has ever fully worked with no altercations? Nowhere.